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We Make Comparing Prices Easy

About Us

If you're considering a new franking machine, or replacing an older model, then you're in the right place.

How do we make a profit if the service is free?

If you decide to get a quote, we'll get a small fee from the companies that provide you with a price. This won't affect how much you pay at all - we're another form of marketing for these companies.

You'll often end up making a very large saving by using our service. This is because all of the companies that we can use to provide you with quotes know that you're conducting a price comparison. This means that they know that if they don't provide their lowest prices possible, then you'll take your business elsewhere.

Aside from the better prices, our service also rocks because it saves you time! Normally, you'd have to spend hours online comparing different machines, trying to work out which is best to suit your business and your mailing requirements. We do all of this legwork for you. All we need to do is have a quick chat with you, then we'll find suitable companies who will each give you a call with their prices and info.


  • "Awesome. So easy, and I saved a load of money!"

    Tim, Suffolk

  • "It was nice just to speak to a real person about it."

    Lucy, Essex